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Map/What to Bring
Alaskan Northwest Adventures



Hunting packages are available September through November and April/May. We own a reindeer herd and have been hunting grizzly bears near the herd for the past 20 years.

You can book bear, caribou, and reindeer hunts with us.

Bear:  $12,500.00

Caribou or Reindeer:  $4500.00

Hunts are 7 day hunts. Special arrangements for longer hunts can be made.


Spring hunts are done from White Mountain with snowmobiles. We can cover a lot of range on a normal day. I prefer to do the bear hunts this time of year because of the amount of ground we can cover.

The fall hunts, we run the rivers with our jet boats or take 4-wheelers into the mountains, where very few folks have been before. Late August and September, we reserve for bear hunts.


Late October, we have caribou that move into the area, and we do hunts late Oct. through November.  The caribou are part of the Northwest Arctic Herd which is around 400,000 animals. Normally 10-30 thousand animals move into our area for the winter.

When doing our hunts, the weather can change from a hot day to cool and wet. We recommend that folks bring clothing that can be layered. Also, good rain gear and rubber boots are a must. You may never use them, but if you need them you'll have them.

We generally do a lot of glassing as the day goes on. If we're on the river with a boat, we'll also get into some super fishing.

Your Host, Tom Gray and a beautiful grizzly