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Map/What to Bring
Map/What to Bring
Alaskan Northwest Adventures


To get to us you must take Alaska Airlines from Anchorage to Nome. (
You are also responsible for travel from Nome to White Mountain. We will help you with reservations.

Suggested gear list:

Bring comfortable clothing for temperatures ranging from 45 to 75 degrees.

The synthetic materials (polypropylene, ect.) are ideal for Alaska's cold, wet climate. Wool is also excellent. Layering clothing offers more comfort, warmth and versatility than thick bulky items. Long Johns (or jogging suits) of polypropylene or similar synthetic material are extremely comfortable and strongly recommended under waders, as they wick moisture away from the skin.

Rain jacket with a hood and rain pants: highest quality raingear is a must for Alaska. The rubber Helly Hansen type of boating foul weather gear is excellent. Top quality, breathable Gore-Tex and oiled cotton are also very good and double as a windbreaker.

Fishing Gear and other items:

Chest waders or waist waders and appropriate socks
Sun Glasses: Polaroid (dark or amber color)
Camera and film
Reading material and glasses
Line, flies, lures
Hat and warm gloves
Slippers for around camp
Favorite folding or sheath knife
Medicine bring plenty of extra on your person
Day bag preferably waterproof for cameras, film, gloves, extra fishing equipment
Warm jacket
Rain jacket/pants
Your regular gear for daily fishing

Spin Fishing Equipment:
Ultralight combination, 4-6 lb. test monofilament for grayling, char, and pink salmon
Medium weight combination, 8-12 lb. test for larger char, northern pike, silver salmon, and chum salmon
Heavy weight combination, 15-25 lb. test for king salmon

Sizes #0 to #2 Mepps spinners (silver or gold), 1/4-3/8 oz. pixies and spoons, small Spin N Glow, and panther martins for char, grayling, and pink salmon

Sizes #3 to #5 Mepps (fluorescent red and orange), 3/8 oz.- 7/8 oz. pixies (hot pink, orange, or green) and other bright orange spoons are great for larger salmon.

#5 Mepps spinners (fluorescent), large spoons, large surface plugs (some weedless) for pike

This doesn't scratch the surface of the wide variety of lures that will prove effective for Alaska's freshwater fishing, but is a basic collection of sure-fire fish getters. We have an ample supply of lures for purchase that will work during the time you are fishing in the Fish River system.

Fly Fishing Equipment:
Light rod rated #4-#6 with a med. sink rate line and a floating line for grayling, char, and pink salmon
Heavy fly rod rated #7-#9 with a medium sink rate line for larger char, northern pike, silver salmon, and chum salmon
Extra heavy fly rod for a #10-with a heavy sink rate line for king salmon

Folks have come up to fish salmon and not brought a sinking line.They were planning on using lead weights to get their line down or use sinking tippets which is a pain and doesn't work very well. Spend the extra $ for the sinking line and save yourself some grief.

If you wish to tie your own flies, here are some suggestions. If making wet flys, be sure to weight them. Adding weight to your leader turns into a pain . Anything that makes a wake on the top of the water will work for grayling. Include some flies tied on keel type and or weed guards. Use strong hooks.

Sculpin and leech type flies: Bunny flies and Wooly Buggers #4 size (black, orange, flesh-colored, and especially purple), Marabou leech #4 for Chum,Pink, Silvers , arctic char and grayling. Egg sucking leaches (purple or black) work super for almost anything.
Egg patterns: Glo-bugs or single egg flies on #6 and #8 hooks for Grayling and Char
Streamer and misc. patterns: Polar Shrimp , Mickey Finn, Orange Comets, Green Boss, egg sucking leaches and various gaudy flash fly pattern in size 4 are great for Chum, pink, Silvers, Grayling and Char. You may want to tie some of these on larger hooks for King salmon.
A small assortment of dry flies, size #10 to #14: Humpy, Black Gnat, Adams, Wolf, and irresistible patterns are great for Grayling and Char.
Bring several sizes of flesh flys with a dab of orange on it. They were working on everything last year.
Include your own favorite trout and salmon flies. Favorite flies seem to catch more fish all over the world. A couple years ago one of our guys was catching silvers on a fly he used for marlin in Mexico. Our fish up here like action in the fly especially when dry fly fishing.

As I mentioned before on fly rods bring a light rod with floating line and a heavie
r rod with a medium sinking fly line (not a sinking tippet but a sinking fly line).