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Map/What to Bring
Alaskan Northwest Adventures

Snowmobiling is available from December to April. See our reindeer herd up close, pull king crab up through the ocean ice, soak in our hot springs, travel to other villages, race the Iditorad mushers and the list goes on. What ever you want to do, we're willing to put a package together for you.


How often do you see a reindeer herd? Well, we own a herd and check them daily during the winter. Help us drive reindeer to different feeding areas. You will get right up close to the whole herd. Our operation is in an open range with over a million acres of land permitted to us. April is one of the best times to view the herd with all the new fawns being born.

Spend some time with us in March and see the Iditarod Sled Dog Race first hand. Meet mushers that are spending their last mandatory layover in White Mountain. This time of year is great, as there is lots of daylight and the days are warm. Whether you want to checkout mushers or make movies, we will put a package together for you.


We set crab pots through the ice and catch king crab. We'll check the pots and possibly put down some hand lines. This is a great run that will take you out on the Bering Sea. The ice usually freezes solid from the shore to a mile to five miles, beyond that the ice moves all winter. At times the moving ice will creating a open lead of water where we can see seals. After a day out exploring, we'll come home and have a big king crab feed.

We can drive the Iditarod trail and visit other villages. Last year, I took some French folks to a couple villages, and they bought some artifacts from Alaskan Natives.


We have a hot springs that is nestled in the picturesque Fish River Valley. It is a 50 mile run from White Mountain. We also have one that is 30 miles away. These hot springs are in the middle of our great wilderness and are not developed commercially. On this trip, there is a good chance you will see moose, caribou, ptarmigan, and other wildlife. There it is a good possibility you folks will be the only ones there, soaking your aches away under the stars with nobody within 50 miles.

We have dollys, grayling and pike in the river during the winter. Fishing is a half hour run up river below our summer camp and will be a super adventure for anyone.


Our past is rich with gold mining history. There are old gold dredges that dot the country side. They each have their own character and are very interesting to explore.

We supply room and board, cold weather gear, snowmobiles, gas and oil. All you have to do is show up, and we'll take care of you. If you have a special trip in mind, give us a call and we will be able to make it happen.

BeeJay Gray

Your hosts are Tom & BeeJay Gray. We ask that you come with adventure in your heart. With our fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, and reindeer businesses BeeJay once told Tom, "Being married to you, everyday is a new adventure." Tom is always doing something out of the ordinary.

Tom Gray